the most disliked person in the hole world, i normaly calls persons i hate kryptix.
idiot, dumpass, shemale.
"run run, the idiotic shemale is coming"
by sdf July 31, 2004
Top Definition
A lonely boy that spends all his time in the basement stealing and scamming other players in MMORPG and macroing and them claiming he is the best. His shear weight and the fact his hair is a shaved is a true example of his care for the real world. < er, he owns that domain. Scam anyone?
by 0wn3d? July 24, 2004
1. A fat retarded monkey, that spends half of its day trying to shove its tail up his own ass. The other half of the day it is either attempting to find its cock or hacking and scamming people on a MMORPG. see wannabegangsterbitch
2. A very small dildo mould. see babydick
3. A rare homosexually transmitted disease, caused by bending other men over a keyboard and proceding to fuck them in the ass. see kryptixhousehold
1. oowie-oo-oo-ah-ah-ah-left-a-bit-aaaaaah
2. ^
3. You will need 1 man, 1 keyboard, and 1 gay ass wannabegangsterbitch called kryptix.
by Bacon January 05, 2005
Saturday Morning Cartoon
Silly Rabbit, Kryptix are for Kids.
by Allah December 19, 2002
fat insecure kid who lives in his mothers basement making cheap programs and playing mmorpgs for a living
"look at kryptix he has no life:
by magic man July 23, 2004
Luke Leary, Better known as Kryptix. He is a faggot RSC server own. He tries to be a free lance photographer.

So becuase this kid is so hated lets release some info about contacting the notorious idiot.

Hobby facebook - /lukelearyphotography
Personal facebook - /lukeleary
Personal email - lukelearyatgmaildotcom
MSN - lukeatxa0sdotcom
by I_Wicked_I April 12, 2010
1. Noun; Fat little skank who likes to look at cameltoes even if they are his mom's, and has genital herpes
2. Slang; Herpes
OMFG look at the spots on that guys penis!!! he has kryptix!!!
by Tehj0ohn July 27, 2004
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