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1. To use a program or act as a script kiddy to give you unfair advantages over other people, usualy in online video games.

2. To define that you're the best or cool... in a leet sort of way.
OMG!!1!1!11!! I R TEH 1337 HaXXor!!!1!1! PWN4G3!
by 0wn3d? July 24, 2004
A lonely boy that spends all his time in the basement stealing and scamming other players in MMORPG and macroing and them claiming he is the best. His shear weight and the fact his hair is a shaved is a true example of his care for the real world.
www.runescaqe.com < er, he owns that domain. Scam anyone?
by 0wn3d? July 24, 2004
Piece of shiznat bike that all the wanna-be free stylists and mountain bikers ride, thinkin they're cool when they have 1 mm forks and squeeky breaks.
Look at that piece of fucking SuperCycle! Can you say WALMART???
by 0wn3d? July 24, 2004
Ownage Canadian Mountain Bikes.
Check you his shitty supercycle! My Norco owns his ass!
by 0wn3d? July 24, 2004

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