a 'word' that shannon uses in extreme excess, usually in place of the word 'drunk'.
"Yo, I was so krunk!"
by Matt S. August 30, 2003
to kick someone in the face
i krunked the jackass and nocked him out
by peejay July 25, 2003
removable gold teeth used to try to convince people that you are cool. cf Randy Jackson and the guy at the New Orleans American Idol tryouts
I got my krunk for the street, and this (takes fake gold teeth out) is for dinner with Mommy and Daddy
by JNed October 11, 2005
The way a white female would write the word 'crunk'.
OMG, Ashley, you have dreads? That is sooooo KRUNK! Btw, i just had my period yesterday.
by Dora Thay July 10, 2008
To get excited about worshipping Jesus.
"We were gettin so krunk for Christ felly!"
by Zack Vosen December 03, 2005
The term 'krunk' is derived from the word "crank" referring to the crank on an engine, key in the car igition, etc. To get "krunked up" is to get "cranked up" or to get going/turn on. Thus, derives the association between alcohol and drug use.
"'Na sun, goin out der n krunk up dat ride!" means

"Now son, could you please go outside and start the automobile for me?"
by Jake April 04, 2004
This one comes from the south and was part of "Bama Talk." It means to have a HELL OF A GOOD TIME. Often, but not always, it is understood that booze is involved.
"Let's go down to Stagga Lee's and get krunked tonight."
by Bill Peters July 12, 2006

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