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an abnormally large head placed inbetween the shoulders, and on top of the neck of kim gram
i dont know how she be carrying that kadonkadonk head all day long...iss too big!
by moesha July 20, 2004
Another word to use as an insult. Related words: Loser, Idiot, Poopface, ect.
Shut your face fetcher!

Your such a fetcher!

You little fetcher.

Eat poop fetcher
by Moesha February 15, 2005
Gettin high off some shit
Me and some of my home boys went and got kronked
by Moesha June 08, 2003
the name for an abnormal large head placed on a girl named kim
damn, how does kim carry that kadonkadonk head around all the time?
by moesha July 20, 2004
Can also be used as an adverb.
You fetching fetcher.

This is so fetching disgusting!

Your mom is fetching awesome!

by Moesha February 15, 2005
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