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Truly the most gorgeous girl to ever bless the world. Can keep up a conversation, and doesn't act like a ditzy idiot. Kristen is someone you can fall in love with.
Jeff: My girlfriend is a dog.
Andrew: My girlfriend is Kristen, and I will never let go of her.
by PrimoThePro October 23, 2010
Kristen is an outgoing, adventurous girl who loves a good thrill! Sometimes Kristen may have difficulty expressing her innermost feelings, but that is simply because she is afraid of being judged. She is athletic, inteligent, energetic, and loves to make people laugh. Also, she is absolutely accident prone. Kind-hearted and brave-faced, any man would be lucky to have Kristen as his one and only.
I love my Kristen.
by horselover12 April 29, 2011
Kristen is hands-down the highest level of human being you can possibly ever achieve. SHe has unlimited HP and has FIVE moves instead of four. Her type 1 is awesome and type 2 is genius. Her attacks are as follows: GEEK OUT. 647328 Damage. AIR BEND. Infinite damage. DUPLICATE. N/A damage. Attack multiplies her fucking awesome existence. AVADA KEDAVRA.

All and all, she's fucking kill you. And she's basically a ninja with unquestionable knowledge about Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts.
Kid 1: "Dude, I think I battled THE Kristen ... Or at least attempted to."

Kid 2: "YEAH. I heard she's climbin' in yo' windows, snatchin' up yo' people."

Kid 1: Word. Kristen - raped.

Kid 2: *just killed by Kristen in a ninja manner*
by 6RAM9 December 09, 2010
The most beautiful, funniest, outspoken,silly, daydreaming person that brings happiness to the most important people in her life.
-Did you see that skinny girl over there?

Vanessa: That is my best friend, shes a Kristen.

-A Kristen!, you are the luckiest person to have a Kristen as your best friend!
by Lockness_13 January 20, 2011
A very special and unique woman. Everyone notices her exterior beauty, but the inner beauty unseen by many is even better! She is smart, caring, artistic, daring...just an all-around great lady! If you find a Kristen, make sure to hold on tight and don't let go because they are truly one of a kind!
Random Dude: Hi Kristen! You are beautiful spiritually, sexually and intellectually. Wanna go have some fun???

Kristen: Oh, ur such a perv, but I love ya anyway!
by opks1234 September 21, 2011
The hottest girl ever
She always loves a Jack even though she may like other guys at times Jack will always be in her heart somewhere.
Funny, nice, and hot every guy wants to be with her but she's meant for jack and everyone knows it
Dude 1: Dude did you hear kristen and jack are back together again
Dude 2: No surprise they were meant for eachother
by Mr. Luv January 19, 2011
The most wonderful girl in the whole world. She puts a smile on your face. She is beautiful and strong. She has a nice butt and all the guys love her. She is a friend to many and loved by all.
Izzy: Hey look at that girl over there...she's such a Kristen.

Justin: Yeah, she is a Kristen. She's so beautiful and strong!
by theycallmystacieandmarieah November 24, 2011