A really wonderful girl. If you were dumped or rejected, will instantly make you forget the person who dumped you. Stunningly beautiful, amazing eyes, moves fast, but is not a skank. After being around her for only a few days you will feel as though you have known her all your life. Loves music, has amazing taste in music and can play a lot of instruments. She will bring you back to life even when you are as far away as you think you can be. She will show you the light when you are in complete darkness. She will be the wind beneath your wings. You will wake up every day, solely motivated to see her, she will make you fall in love with her. A Kristen is the perfect girl.
Guy one: Yo man, I think I am in love with this girl,
Guy two: Easy, it`s only been a few days.
Guy one: I know, but she`s a Kristen.
Guy two: Lucky Bastard.
by pjl7 March 22, 2012
The hottest girl ever
She always loves a Jack even though she may like other guys at times Jack will always be in her heart somewhere.
Funny, nice, and hot every guy wants to be with her but she's meant for jack and everyone knows it
Dude 1: Dude did you hear kristen and jack are back together again
Dude 2: No surprise they were meant for eachother
by Mr. Luv January 19, 2011
A GODDESS in disguise- a girl so incredibly beautiful and perfect in every possible way. She is the only girl I have ever truely loved and will love for a very long time. But her love is not returned, resulting in great heartache for my pathetic self.

I love her SO MUCH. I can't wait till that long awaited day where love can finally be mutual.
Kristen is perfection personified. You will never forget her.
by bren97122 May 01, 2012
Kristen is the most amazing girl alive! Kristen's are usually really tall and sexy! They love to go camping and four-wheeler riding! They love to come up to the mountains. THEY ARE REALLY SWEET! They are the most amazing people out there! They are freaking hilarious! Kristen loves broccoli! Kristen loves cats and has a lot of dawgs that are really FUCKING AWESOME! Kristen is the sexiest person alive! She makes other girls look like shit! They are big bootie hoes usually!(: They usually live in the city, around a bunch of city folks! But they are still fucking awesome! She dresses better than any hoe out there! She takes hours to pick out her outfit, she has dudes all over her day after day! She is SEXY AND SHE KNOWS IT! She makes famous BITCHES jealous! They see her and they are like "FUCKING DAMN, LOOK AT THIS BITCH, SHES FUCKING HOTTER THAN A CANDLE" She is an overall FUCKING AWESOME PERSON!!!!! :D She is also a SUPER FREAK, A TOTAL FREAK IN BED!
Freaking awesome Kristen
by iamfuckingawesome January 09, 2012
A beautiful girl with great eyes that smile on their own. She's sweet and gentle, but knows how to get crazy on a full moon.
You think you've met a great girl, wait till you've met a Kristen!
by boyboytheboytoy May 15, 2013
She is the nicest person you will ever meet. She only cares about others. She is very beautiful but doesn't realize it which makes her even more beautiful over all. She very easy to fall in love with her brown-green eyes.😍😊👌
Your so Kristen!! Awe thanks so are you!!
by Abc's March 01, 2014
A girl that is awkward in front of only her crush. She plays afew sports, tend to be blonde or brunette. You should probably not make her mad because she has a short temper. The girl can not grow to be over 5"3.
You are acting like a Kristen today
by Ameriah Mendes April 30, 2015
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