Kristen's are amazing! They are always the life of the party. They are beautiful in every single way. You should be proud to be a Kristen. She has awesome long hair and loves to wear anything in the latest fashion!

Kirsten's are very flexible and loves to express them selfs by dance or singing. Kirsten's have many friends! Kirsten's usually make friends with people by the name Sarah Sophie or Megan. If you were to be friends with a Kristen, never let her go! She is crazy and beautiful and you'll love her to death!!!
Bob: Did you see Kristen at the party?

Dave: yea she's awesome! She's always the life of the party
by Meaghan Bolton July 13, 2015
A bossy 21 yr old virgin, loves chocolate, scared of penis
Omg you need to stop being a Kristen
by U'ilani November 06, 2014
The girl in the room who is in love with Big Macs and loves little penis's
Oh look at Kristen she is a sweet looker
by Users473 December 31, 2012
That girl is such a Kristen
by zachariaaaa October 15, 2011
A girl who is perfect. and then........
breaks your heart!!
and still you cant stop loving her >.<
Dumbo-Kristen I love you!
Kristen hillier-I love you too
Dumbo- You are everything I could ask for
Kristen hillier-*pulls out a dagger and stabs him in the chest*I know!
Dumbo*crumbling down to the ground* You broke my heart*chocking*literally!

3 months later!
scene: Kristen hillier's bedroom
Kristen hillier: I need some coffee
Dumbo's ghost: I love you
Kristen Hillier: Polar bears have big noses and bananas
Dumbo's ghost: I love you
Kristen hillier: Thanks?
by Tigerfromhell June 04, 2011
The name of a person That is often a whore or slut often performs sexual acts for drugs and or money. Usually gives off a foul stench or odor. A breading pool of sexual diseases and bacteria. Often will complain of not having a significant other although the reason is her own whorish acts. Will lie and and steal and do anything use you. When she has used you and drained what she can from you she will toss you aside like garbage until she is alone in self-pitty or bored. Often talks down on other people while doing the same or worse as them. Thinks she is "hot shit" but normally looks like a troll or goblin.
"I slept with him right after they broke up i pulled a kristen."

"My God I forgot to shower I smell like Kristen!"

"I had sex with a guy i dont know im such a kristen!"
by loveavocodo April 26, 2014
1. Another word for a crazy ass bitch, one that will not give up or take no for an answer. Is extremely manipulative at convincing you to be in a relationship when is all actuality you don't want to be. Kristens enjoys destroying relationships and are usually extremely fugly.

2. Can be used as a name for a butch lesbian, the kind that doesn't wear any make-up or cares about appearances, definitely not the lipstick kind. Mostly seen at barbershops because of the buzz cut hairdo's. Kristens are the man in the relationship.
Man: Damn! That Kristen took me for everything that I had!

Another Man: That bitch is a Kristen!

Girl: Did you see how that Kristen tried to hit on me?!
by FoxyBrown8 September 17, 2011

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