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A super awesome, caring and funny guy, who makes a great best friend, and is super easy to fall in love with, but for some reason, has very bad taste in girls. He is extremly hot, and many girls have a crush on him. He is often short (but sexy), has strong faith in God, and loves his mother. Alot.
Me: "I love you Esteban"
Esteban:"Like a best friend?"
Me: "...Sure."
by EpicuteKat November 18, 2010
a really nice, sweet, and kind girl. Usually very smart, sometimes shy, and has a weird side. Has strong opinions, but is undecisve on certain topics. She is great MORE THAN A FRIEND material, and does not get her heart broken easily. She can also be VERY pretty or cute
"OMG! Kristen is soo nice!!" "Yea, she's such a sweetheart! And She's smart too!!" "Kristen has it all!!
by EpicuteKat November 27, 2010

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