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a gurl who doesnt give a $#!T about wut other ppl say!! and she SPAMtastic!! thatz wut i think
simply krisha
by Taylor-Anne(homie tizzle) January 29, 2004
(f. noun) A female of Indian origin. Quiet with the ones she is unfamiliar with, and ecstatic with those she prizes. Krisha's are absolutely stunning, gorgeous, and alluring. Their eyes, eyebrows, and overall facial structure are striking. Krisha's are extremely caring, affable, and they are very sensitive but tend to hide it. They are logical, understanding, and see through any trick or gig you try to pull on them. They usually have trouble expressing their emotions in real life, but it takes the right person to see through this barrier and into their true hearts.

Krisha's have usually experienced a thorough amount of pain and suffering, emotionally or physically. However, Krisha's usually find an individual who understands and cherishes them, and Krisha's tend to grow attached to these people.

Time flies with a Krisha, as they are simply mesmerizing. One can refer to any Indian female who is gorgeous, kind, witty, and understanding, as a Krisha.
Yo, you see that one Indian girl over there?

Yeah, what about her?

She's so hot!! And she's the quiet and funny type, too.

I know right! What a Krisha!
by lepine January 18, 2014
she is gorgeous. with brown/green eyes. funny to hang out with. she has a manly fat sister. she has the best smile and bestestttt friend ever. everyone wants to be her friend and every guy wants her as hiss wifeyy.
dude: damn look at krisha!

girl: shes so prettyyyy,i hope she likes meeee!
by her sisters a bitch December 11, 2010
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