Often used to describe a black man who is addicted to fried chicken, loves to eat cereal, and always carries cash.
Darren: Woah, look at me I have money!
Stephanie: Your such a kris.
by Unco Sam's Eggroll April 06, 2008
Bitch who acts like a whore. most likely a lez, and pole dances all night.
Dylan: That girl is such a whore
Casey: I think your talking about a Kris
by Casadiaas July 05, 2010
A boy who thinks he's super hot..but really he is not.
Kris: I'm so hot
by Tessssssssssssssssssssss May 05, 2010
an extremely big dumbass usually known as a "LIMFB" a little inexperienced mother fucking bastard!
omg don't act like a kris
by kkllsucks February 21, 2010
A short Sword from Mid-Asia and parts of india
"Those Mongols Had some bitchin Shorts swords"
"Thats a Kris you fuck nut..."
by McY D's May 12, 2008
A creature, usually female, that has a mean streak. It grazes in the back by the meat department. Similar in looks and attitude to Bea Arthur.
Did you see the Big Kris today?
by big_jt April 19, 2009
The word 'cunt' is generally spelt with a 'c'; this is also true of the name 'Chris'. However, sometimes the name is mistakenly spelt with a 'k', i.e. 'Kris', so it is only appropriate that such people are referred to simply as 'kunts'.
Kris is a Kunt.
by Sarah Hennigan January 18, 2009
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