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A form of a storyteller. Someone that usually has a few rich uncles. May exaggerate details as he goes along. Continues with a chain of half true, half false events.
Person - "I had 3 nukes in 30 minutes."
Friend - "Ok kris you didn't even have nukes unlocked."
by Anonymous Personafication August 28, 2010
Aka Kevin bacon
There's Kevin bacon omg! No.. Nevermind it's kris.
by John bob,a face August 10, 2013
A really nice, smart guy who is a BEAST at spanish and is just generally a genius. Kris is also pretty good looking but he isn't sexy; he's cute. He's also funny. Very funny. And he's also a genius. And nice. And a genius. And nice. But mostly just a genius who's nice and cute and and funny and awesome :)

Sometimes, he will tell girls that they have the common sense of a squirrel but since all girls think he's cute, they will just laugh because it's true and he's funny and a genius and cute and nice and he means it in a totally flirty and nice way.
dude: "I just got a 128 percent on my spanish quiz! Whatd you get on yours?"
girl: "an F :("
dude: "aww i'm sorry! but you are really cool even though you have the common sense of a squirrel!"
girl: "hehe wow you are such a kris! ;)"
by hola everybody April 11, 2011
A man with who only looks out for himself and girls he is trying to hook up with. But they never will hook up. He is also a man who avoids all conversations that he doesn't like by humming and dancing foolishly. His catch phrase is "Nice try" and he walks toe-heel. He spends his life playing video games and believes himself to be a sexy man...but he's not. He is a general douchebag. douchebag Nice Try
Person 1: All the ladies want me.
Person 2: Stop being a Kris.
by Somebody-I-Don't-Know July 06, 2010
A Kris often refers to the weird angle sometimes demonstrated by many peni (plural). This may be an acute angle near the tip (or head) of the shaft, but in dyslexics a right angle may be prevalent; in this case surgery is often required.
Person 1. "OMG, thats the purplest and most wavey thing I have ever seen...what is that?"

Person 2. "Its a Kris"

Person 3. "Im calling the police"
by TopCat27 December 23, 2009
Often used to describe a black man who is addicted to fried chicken, loves to eat cereal, and always carries cash.
Darren: Woah, look at me I have money!
Stephanie: Your such a kris.
by Unco Sam's Eggroll April 06, 2008
Bitch who acts like a whore. most likely a lez, and pole dances all night.
Dylan: That girl is such a whore
Casey: I think your talking about a Kris
by Casadiaas July 05, 2010