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someone who friends you on facebook, only to nose around at your life and judge you.
I thought Gina wanted to be my friend, but here she was just being a kravitz all along...
by ilikemyface January 12, 2011
A disease where a woman turns into a man, and still tries to hold conversations in the mens bathroom and get in the urinal next to you. It will most likely make you uncomfortable as frick.
Kravitz: "Hey how ya' doin'?"
Man: "....silence... *thinking: why is he talking in here? What a kravitz!"*
by Sweet Kravity Kravitz April 08, 2009
To put your nose into somebody elses biz.

From The 60's T.V. show Bewitched...the nosy neighbor lady that always peeked through her curtains...Gladys Kravitz.
I'm not talking to you idiot!!! Don't Kravitz!
by phatdave December 23, 2006
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