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a close group of friends, who share every moment they can with eachother. in this group, they tell eachother everything, and have the best time of their life. just living life how it should be lived.

hey look, theres krak!
by kalyannee July 31, 2008
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Kräk is a very famous meal in Sweden
You can see alot of Swedes eating kräk after a wild night out
Its similar to scramble eggs but its more watter in it!
I love to eat Kräk
Kräk is nice to eat when you are drunk
by Balle December 19, 2005
Krak (with a K) is a word for anyone who would appear to be interesting or exciting but is actually a giant pussy with no notable personality traits. Kraks often express no emotion and are incapable of laughter or anger.
We went on a roadtrip with a total Krak. Worst. Decision. Ever.
by CnU69 March 18, 2009
the action of ribs breaking due to the "hilarity" of a joke. A sarcastic remark endowed upon a person or persons who tell lameass jokes.
"KRAK!" said Armaan to Neresh after Neresh had told him that uber lame joke
Armaan:Haha! that man looks like a donkey...
by Zach July 16, 2004
Someone created and spawned from Bill Parcell's gunt resembling a moldy potato like presence. Also stinks like feces and B.O.

A.K.A.- Krakman
His name is Krakman, and yes he's back again. Fat Tuna is with him too. RUN
by Ceezay December 21, 2004
Incredibly retarded dumbass, fucktard.
Zantar is a krak.
by jg201 November 01, 2003

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