disrespeckt to all snitckh point star affiliates
people down with that flue kolor is krabs
by B^ watckh my fav kolor drip June 27, 2011
Top Definition
Slang name dissing members of the crips usually used by Bloods
fuk stupid fagget krabs. B'z up all day! BLOOD nation nigga!
by snype91 February 26, 2010
Krab, a misspelling of crab, often used by fans of the tv show SpongeBob.
Dude, it`s not Crab it`s Krab
by LordPhoenix82 March 09, 2015
Fish, usually pollock or similar, or a mixture, processed to resemble crab meat, but cannot be legally called crab (i.e. imitation crab).
I'll take one of those krab cakes, please.
by Gregg February 10, 2004
karabiner (aluminium coupling loup with safety closure used in mountaineering and caving)
thrown me down a krab mate
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
(pronounced as 'Krabeh, means 'crab' in russian)
a Russian synonym for Mr.Putin
Krab is really angry now.
by oggi1980 April 03, 2011
The be all, end all of anger. A Krab will befriend you for awhile but will stab you in the back at the turn of a hat. It's recommended that you stay on a Krabs good side, mainly for your own safety. BOW DOWN BEFORE J00 R T3H BANZ0R!
"Dood, I met a Pantless Krab and he totally banned me!"
by Emo_PreppyKid May 15, 2003

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