A person that holds another person down, keeping them from achieving their goals....Similiar to a Backstabber
Hey, why are you such a fucking Krab,you told your parents i smoked weed with you, they didnt even ask, now they're going to tell my parents, you just completly fucked me over.

(LIl Yola I aint gon let up lyrics) You can't even wear a jersey, they try to peep ya tags Can't smoke a blunt of kush, cuz you 'round too many krabs
by Jcube July 18, 2006
A person who is a admin of a place. When he goes to school people say to him wassupp krab boy
"Yo Yo mofo y0 0wnz dude pwnz kraby dude" -UnfinisheD
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
an asshole, usually owned allot, denies everything.
krab your retarded
by Oliver Magnal May 15, 2003
Mispelling of the word crab.
I am a moron who can't speel carb porporly.
by Jason Truesdaloney December 05, 2003
The slave of pcgamer4life
krab serves pcgamer4life
by no comment May 17, 2003

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