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1) The only word in the English language that can be used in any possible way you want, and will still make sense.

2) Using this word will make you sound like you know hip words when the word doesn't mean anything at all.
"Dude that movie was so koz last night!"

"I wanna koz you so bad."

"Of course i love you baby, youre so koz."

"We just got kozed in that xbox match."
by Austin Kobiyashi December 30, 2007
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A roid raging hermit crab suspect of fondling dogs ass cracks. A Koz has also been known to terribly play guitar at the wrong time, which is always.
Yo dude, stop being such a Koz, seriously, you keep acting like that and I'll finger your butt.
by Butters 522 November 09, 2013
Refering to any man that works in the airline business and lives with his mom and 5 cats!
Did you see that weird guy? Just guessing but he is probaly a Koz!
by Jawzski August 12, 2009
a completely and utterly homosexual male.
no we can't go there, its a koz bar.
by 2k5 July 03, 2006

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