eat up; vaccum
A man can kosher a lady or vise verca
by hilga is a gay name. March 01, 2010
Acceptable behavior, description, or assignment. espc: in regards to college papers.
That paper on "The Shift of Kingship of Thiudans to Reiks" just isn't kosher.
by rezzix November 13, 2002
A term for being cool, chill, fly, or fantabulous.
Where going to smoke this blunt, is that kosher?
by Ndo May 01, 2003
1. a word that means good / perfect
2. tight

and that person who wrote about the gay people is stupid
by [k]ops | cRys3k November 18, 2003
A prep-school way of saying something is cool.
Dude, that Lacoste polo is so kosher.
by MAGDALENA July 16, 2003
(kä-shƏr) adj. - describing a stretch of highway, club, or other area as free of pork cops.
We were just down this way and I didn't see any cars; I think it's still kosher so just gun it.
by pr0ntab August 30, 2003
a virgin jewish girl
"That jap is kosher"

by JRosB March 26, 2008

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