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8 definitions by pr0ntab

The format for a number written in base-16 instead of base-10 (decimal). Commonly used in computing or electronic fields, since each digit in a hexadecimal number is trivially converted (by humans or machines) into 4 bits with a table. A number in base-10 is more difficult to convert into binary, requiring repeated division by 2.

When writing a hexadecimal number, for digits greater than '9' convention dictates use of the first 6 letters of the alphabet. So the digits are:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
The value of the popular magic number DEADBEEF when converted from hexadecimal to decimal is 3735928559.
by pr0ntab January 08, 2004
59 17
A constant compiled into a computer program or used in a file format for the purpose of being identifiably unique. A number which could only exist in memory on purpose and rarely by accident. For example, 0 is a bad choice for a magic number, since it's the default value for memory when a computer is turned on.

Programmers use them to quickly validate a larger data structure which could crash if it guesses the type wrong, using the theory that whatever code put the magic number there probably got the rest of it right, since they would have made it store the magic number AFTER everything else checked out.

Usually it's something easy for a programmer to remember, like DEADBEEF or B00B135 or something equally assinine.

It's like a secret signal or whistle you might use with friends when trying to coordinate something sneaky.
I fed an mp3 I accidentally renamed to a avi into windows media player, but it didn't crash because it checked the magic number first.
by pr0ntab January 08, 2004
61 29
Slang describing the pill form of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), the club drug known as "ecstacy" or just "X".
Before you go down to the dance floor, don't forget to take your vitamin X, 'cause it does a body good.
by pr0ntab January 08, 2004
18 5
(computer jargon) shortened form for the word hexadecimal give yourself more money you just need to open the save game file with a hex editor and modify the number that looks like the current cash on hand since you last saved.
by pr0ntab January 08, 2004
30 23
A demogroup that has gained increasing notority in the scene for intense, technically impressive and visually engaging demos. Makers of .the.product
farb-rausch consumer consulting will make your overclocked pc turn into a pile of molten slag if you let them near it.
by pr0ntab March 11, 2004
2 1
(adj) Exhibiting a quality causing an involuntary swaying motion rooted in one's s0x0rs.
Holy shit that Halo 2 demo r0x0rs so much it is on teh spoke!!!1one
by pr0ntab January 08, 2004
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The demoscene, as it is known to it's members.
Statix first stumbled onto the scene in 1991 when he got his first PC.
by pr0ntab March 11, 2004
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