(kä-shƏr) adj. - describing a stretch of highway, club, or other area as free of pork cops.
We were just down this way and I didn't see any cars; I think it's still kosher so just gun it.
by pr0ntab August 30, 2003
Slang term for keeping a conversation free of homosexual references. People can use this as a subtle under-the-radar term to prevent nearby people form overhearing things they shouldn't.
Let's keep this conversation kosher. My parents are right over there, and I haven't come out to them yet.
by Nocturnal Lucidity June 03, 2002
Word used to assure a jewish chick that she does indeed wanna suck your sausage.
Jewish Girl: I wanna give you head, but I dunno....I have a boyfriend and...

Me: Look baby, my meat is Kosher, so eating me won't get your ortho ass in any trouble, now make with the dome!

Jewish Girl: *laughing* ok, you talked me into it!
by Destructive Criticism April 27, 2005
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