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A large, worldwide manufacturer that makes electrical music gear, ie keyboards, mixers, synthesizers, effects pedals and tuners.
Dude, are you bringing your Korg to band practice? The effects on it are SWEET!
by Rawz May 30, 2007
41 2
Comical fellow who frequents the Open Element channel on Otherside IRC. His lacking english skills and loveable personality make him instant Topic fodder. Irresistable to women.
<korg> did you hit her poon?
<korg> i was trying to sneak into missconduct
korg> yah we cant insert our dick in her online
by sardaukar February 05, 2005
16 9
Scarlem-speak for electronic keyboards or tuners (usually tuners), despite brand. Used specifically by music-geeks, guitarists and bassists. Pedal-based tuners are usually just called tuners, however.
"Pass me your Korg, my E's going flat again."
by El_Gordo August 25, 2004
14 20