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Never, ever, EVER date your friend's ex without permission.
"Yeah, I wanna hit that, but Jeff would totally call the golden rule on me. And he wouldn't say sure anyway, because that pussy isn't over this pussy."
by El_Gordo February 22, 2005
A dude that eats prime pussy. Prime not as in the quality of the meal, but rather the quality of the eating. Or any guy with a big tongue, as well.

Origins lie in the disshelved-looking lead singer of the band Danko Jones, and his huge neanderthal tongue.
"Jess says he's a Danko, eh?"
"He pulled a Danko Jones on me the other night. I came 3 times!"
by El_Gordo August 25, 2004
The set-to-be-insane sophomore effort of The Mars Volta, set to be released on March 1st.

Oddly enough, Frances of Rome is the patron saint of widows. Her feast day is March 9th, which I think would be a much more fitting day for release of the album.
FtM is set to be out on March 1st. I'm so stoked!
by El_Gordo February 26, 2005
As opposed to promiscuous. Predicting a night of unadultered, hot, monkey sex with someone you barely know. Extra points if it actually happens.
"Man, I'm gonna get premiscuous at this party after the buddha's all blazed."
by El_Gordo August 25, 2004
Scarlem-speak for electronic keyboards or tuners (usually tuners), despite brand. Used specifically by music-geeks, guitarists and bassists. Pedal-based tuners are usually just called tuners, however.
"Pass me your Korg, my E's going flat again."
by El_Gordo August 25, 2004
The even faggier-than-a-loonie two dollar Candian coin, which is worth roughly eight cents American. No one is quite sure on the spelling, although twonie is pretty well accepted.
"Lob me a twonie, Imma get us some Mr. Noodles."
by El_Gordo August 25, 2004
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