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Noun. European sex symbol. Known for being suave, charming, and a big tease.
Americans pine for bjorn.
I want more of bjorn, more of the time.
by Ellen B. May 04, 2005
Björn is the swedish word for bear.
Ohhh thats a big Björn.
by Ida February 11, 2003
A Bjørn is a person of unbearable coolness. Not a synonym for god, but a tier higher. A Bjørn usually walks all over Sammys. Also they are adept at musical comprehension and martial arts. Always spelled with a capital letter, to emphasise importance.
dude nr.1 "Wow, did you see that? Some dude just trod on a Sammy, shredded a wild solo and did Shaolin Mantis Kungfu on some other dude!"
dude nr.2 "It must be a Bjørn"
by John Smith the thirteenth April 23, 2009
Blond hair, blue eyed male, totally hot!!! Musically talented, has a lot of emotion but hides it well. Sees people for what they really are dispite flaws.
Hot Hot Hot!
by angelic_creature May 18, 2004
A really good-looking guy who is very irresistable and mysterious. He never says what he really feels, and is quite shy. But he can make you laugh and is really a fun guy to be with.
Hey, you are very much like a bjorn.
by nicbaxter May 13, 2010
action of getting women and then get special relations
lauren got bjorned by bjorn
by blahgj oeja fojeaoifj oeiajoafe September 27, 2006
an extremly blonde and large cocked young fellow.usually found in the upper parts of norwegia but could be found in America(very rare). ~They fetch a high price in bounties~YARRRRR!MATEY!
"There bes on of dos bjorns!get reinforcement so we can captre the yougIn!!"
by Nate November 11, 2003

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