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Neve is the alternative and less common way of spelling Niamh or Nieve. Usually the name 'Neve' indicates a extremely fit girl that usually is a dancer aswell. They are known to be naturally stylish, and very clever yet not a nerd, not forgetting fit. 'Neve' has been adapted from the original translation of 'beautiful' in the Dominic Republic.
by dermymc December 30, 2011
Neve is the alternative spelling of Niamh. Neve's are sex bombs and will bang any hot men they see sideways imediatly. Usualy have long brown hair and green eyes. Compatable with men who have names beginning with "J"
by Coolia February 15, 2009
Used to describe someone who is really cool. Often an unattainable level of awesomeness, but can be reached by a few.
That basic bitch will never be tha neve.
by ale.shah March 04, 2015
a complete bitch, are horrible to their friends and just flick all the guys around! shes a spoilt (normally blonde) brat, shes a slut aswell and normally steals other peoples boyfriends
That girl sleeps with tons of guy, ew shes such a Neve
by samantha271 February 25, 2015
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