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Koolness is another word for awesome. Just a cooler way to say it.
Girl 1: I just won the lottory
girl 2: wowzo koolness :)
by Koolioz January 04, 2010
Love is the slowest form of suicide. But is also unexplained emotion.
If the love of your life died, wouldn't you want to die too?

And how can you explain your feelings for the love of your life?
by Koolioz January 04, 2010
1.)Another word for cool/kool/kewl. But a cooler way and more unique. Also means 'that's awesome!' and 'radical'.

2.)Also something you say when you don't really care or when your not listening but you say it just to sound interested.
1.)Girl 1: I have mood nail polish.

Girl 2: Koolioz

2.)Boy 1:I just got C on my math test.

Boy 2:Koolioz (boy 2 got an A) :P
by Koolioz January 04, 2010
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