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a specific form of cuddle/snuggling between two people that was derived from how a pastry wraps around a sausage.
'hi boyfriend, wanna kolache?'
#cuddle #snuggle #hug #kolachy #kolachey
by lorraineykid56 December 03, 2009
The act of a homosexual male bleaching one's asshole, also know as the balloon knot.
Male 1 - Yo what's your plan tonight bro?
Male 2 - Just GTK
Male1 - Don't you mean GTL
Male 2 - No man! Gym Tanning Kolache

Male 1 - What the fuck is Kolache?
Male 2 - Getting my B-hole bleached!
Male 1 - Your such a fag
by Squrt Reynolds November 09, 2015
1) In most of the U.S.: A Czech/Slovak food. Small round pastry. Soft dough topped with filling such as cream cheese, cinnamon apples, apricots, poppyseed, lemon, strawberry. etc.
2) In Texas & probably a few other places: dough wrapped around a sausage or sometimes ham. Real name is klobasnek. Sometimes with cheese, jalapenos, or both. See also: Pig-In-A-Blanket. Can also have crazy specialty fillings such as chicken & stuffing, fajita meat, pot roast & carrots, phillysteak, scrambled eggs & bacon, etc.
3) Smashing drunk
"I can't believe Sarah took a shit in the snow right in front of the cafe! She was effing kolached last night; it was hysterical."
#breakfast food #pig-in-a-blanket #czech #slovak #pastry #desert #drunk #three-sheets
by kay-tay June 20, 2008
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