N. pronounced kol (as in cold) or K-O-L (kay oh el)
1. See kingdomofloathing or kingdom of loathing
2. One of the few games that morphs together animation and non-animation gameplay along with many, many hilarious references.
3. A game that was originally created by Jick as a joke. It had a few useless items and then people actually started playing. They all liked it, and KoL has been expanding ever since.
1. I am playing KoL and I just finished off all my adventures!
2. ...what? Oh, KoL cracks me up!
3. Wow. so many references. Updates every Tuesday. Yay KoL!!!
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra February 03, 2007
Top Definition
Short for the best game on the web, Kingdom Of Loathing.
"Im gonna go play KOL!" "O Rly? Me too then!"
by Hentai fanatic April 12, 2006
The Kingdom Of Loathing. An adventurer is you! A fun game created by Jick, where you go on hilarious quests that lead up to beating the final boss called the "Naughty Sorceress." The game has funny pictures and people, and you can make your character the best by getting tropies to appear on your profile. A great game.
Dude, on kol i found a Zombie Pirate Ninja robot head!

Cool! Whats that?
by Derek R September 13, 2006
Stands for Kings Of Leon, an American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The band's music is based on southern rock, garage rock, hard rock and alternative. The band is made up of three brothers and their cousin.

Caleb Followill (bro) : Lead singer and rhythm guitarist
Jared Followill(bro) : bass guitarist and backup vocalist
Matthew Followill (bro) :lead guitarist and backup vocalist
Nathan Followill(cuz): drummer and backup vocalist

KOL is a kickass group!!!
by spyboy0089 February 18, 2009
kol (kind of laughing) it makes more sense than lol (laughing out loud)
Kyle: i stubbed my toe
Stan: lol
Kyle: its not that funny
Stan: your right, kol
by tsapboy August 23, 2009
The most amazing guy in the world. The sexiest man alive.
He's sweet, intelligent, funny, caring, and truly amazing. Easy to fall in love with. He takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. Badass. Kol is an AMAZING best friend... I love him sooooo muuuuch !
Wow..Is Kol !

Who is sexy? KOL!
by NoFaceNoNameNoNumber. November 16, 2013
A word that doen't have any meaning thus means everything
keep it kol
by BN030687 July 21, 2011

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