Khalil Osta Louté
Yesterday night at the bar a gay dude hit on Anthony so i told him: why is that dude bein K.O.L. all over you?

A gay dude was actin SUPER GAY like noway yay yay yay, Anthony said : AYRE fi chou K.O.L
by Friandies November 26, 2011
Short form of Kingdom of Loathing an internet based online role playing game. Satires many other games including Super Mario and FF, as well as songs (White Wedding), etc. Six different characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Created by Jick.
Have you played KoL today?
by KolalaKitty February 24, 2005
The only game in existence where one click can seriously screw with the playerbase. See jick click and walking on eggshells.
"What the-- Hagnk's just went fucked! Half my stuff is gone!" And that's when his head exploded. KoL can seriously screw with you.
by Dude Mann III February 01, 2008
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