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Jick (n): A stupid, foolish, dim-witted, stinky, or otherwise undesireable person, place, thing, event, or memory.
2.Jick (n): In the game of Jickball, the Jick is the player currently in fourth place out of four. The Jick must retrieve the "Goddamn" from the "Jesus Christ".
"Rob you freakin Jick."
"Your the Jick Fucker...get the goddamn outta the jesus christ now."
by Rukas1 December 23, 2003
A minor deity in the Kingdom of Loathing; often used in mild threats or pleadings
1. \"Open spoilers in chat make baby Jick cry.\"

2. \"Thank Jick it wasn\'t just me.\"
by PhoenixFireRising April 26, 2005
a jerk and a dick combined into one; when one of these words alone is not enough to describe the complete ass this person is
That stupid jick, he sacked both me and my sister last night, and then called our mom and told her about it!
by livyith1332 March 17, 2011
Creator of the free online RPG the Kingdom of Loathing


n. a filthy hippy
v. to procrastinate working on your own game in favor of playing someone else's
Aw forget it, I'm going to jick this and just play World of Warcraft instead.
by Susie the Arena Mistress January 10, 2005
A term that can substitute almost every word in the english dictionary.
"What the fuck is that Jicks problem?"

"Shit, I justed Jicked my pants."

"Yo, I just Jicked the shit out of that chick."

"Is smells like Jick in here..."

"Did my bitch really just disobey me? Eh, Whatever she's a Jick."
by Dilf Toenail November 12, 2010
Jick- What you call a person when you think they are a jerk and a dick.
Hey did you see that jick he totally just cut me off! What a jick!
by LilMissGambino September 05, 2011
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