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A Turkish brand of small packaged muffins, it became widely popular on 4chan's /s4s/ board for its similarity to Toplel. Many worship it as a God and will stop at no lengths to get one.
Anon 1: Check your privileges
Anon 2: Topkek
by Scottsune Pizzu September 22, 2013
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Originates from the word 'kek', which comes from World of Warcraft or Korean. It means the same as 'rofl', or 'lmfao' Used primarily on the internet. Not to be confused with topkek, a turkish muffin snack.
Bob: "I just pwned some kids in COD today, I went 20-3. They were raging and it was extremely funny!"
John: "Top kek!"
Taylor: "We had some great banter with the boys today! I recorded it, watch!"
Eric: "Omg, top kek!"
by p0rtalsh0oter May 26, 2015
A variation of "Toplol" using "kek." It is usually used by members of the gaming community, who play WoW and frequent Reddit or <cringe> 9gag. It can also be seen on /b/ or /v/.

Toplol is just as it sounds, the toppest of lol's-the one lol to rule them all, the lol that stands above the others, this lol means "That shit was funny m8."

Kek literally translates to lol in Orcish in the WoWniverse. Kek can be used on it's own, but it is best if paired with Toplol.

Topkek also is a type of Hungarian muffin/cupcake, which is revered on /b/.
Person 1: If your cleaning out your vacuum cleaner, do you become the vacuum cleaner? /Macintosh Plus plays in the background

Person 2: Topkek
by Meowmeowsmasher July 01, 2016
1)A category 10 LOL; and extremely powerful lel; the strongest magnitude of kek possible; boisterously merry

2) Something that generates an extraordinary level of amusement
A- JEB BUSH 2016
B- >topkek

A- my sister just got pregnant and we have no idea who the father is topkek
B- wtf man
by topkeklad July 19, 2016
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