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Japanese word for lover. shortcut for 'koibito'
Kanan was Hakkai's koi
by asaness June 04, 2005
1) Large species of carp
2) Vibrating dildo that can send your woman to the moon and around several stars.
I used my koi last night and came so hard I soaked the sheets
by Koi_Girl February 23, 2004
A Sexual Maneuver involving a boss who has been sexually harassing their employee. The employee has to sleep with the boss and upon reaching climax, look into their eye and say, "I'm suing you".
You know the groping boss? Derp pulled The Koi on him and got 1.3 million in damages.
by i_am_the_koi March 30, 2015
a word used to describe the extent/intensity of awesome-ness something holds
Koi Maza Aya
by KoiMe May 19, 2011
a person that looks sexy like steven lu
wow, look at that koi girl go!
by lu February 21, 2005
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