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Referring to an awkward situation.
You walked in on your sister having sex?

Yeah it was totally koffing.
by adcw54 May 31, 2005
12 19
A Pokemon that is full of poisonous gases and spews them out in battle.
Jessie; Go Ekans

James; Go Koffing
by Light Joker April 25, 2004
60 26
The most unexpecting thing to yell out in a group conversation
guy1: so how you guys doing?
guy2: good, but anyways how about that Sally bitch eh?
guy3: shes a bitch, i totally wanna--
guy4: KOFFING!
by Galano March 24, 2005
46 18
The best thing ever.
Koffing gassed the Jews, everyone loves Koffing!
by Jshadias April 10, 2004
26 34