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4 definitions by Galano

The name given to John Merrick
hey look, its the John Merric, The Elephant Man!
by Galano March 26, 2005
The most unexpecting thing to yell out in a group conversation
guy1: so how you guys doing?
guy2: good, but anyways how about that Sally bitch eh?
guy3: shes a bitch, i totally wanna--
guy4: KOFFING!
by Galano March 24, 2005
the process a former drug user must undergo to recieve the training to become a clergy member.
(can't be used in a sentence)
by Galano April 03, 2005
When a being raped/beat up by a gang of white people
Oh snap! That fool is getting vanilla raped!
by Galano May 01, 2005