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A Pokemon that is full of poisonous gases and spews them out in battle.
Jessie; Go Ekans

James; Go Koffing
by Light Joker April 25, 2004
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The most unexpecting thing to yell out in a group conversation
guy1: so how you guys doing?
guy2: good, but anyways how about that Sally bitch eh?
guy3: shes a bitch, i totally wanna--
guy4: KOFFING!
by Galano March 24, 2005
The best thing ever.
Koffing gassed the Jews, everyone loves Koffing!
by Jshadias April 10, 2004
Referring to an awkward situation.
You walked in on your sister having sex?

Yeah it was totally koffing.
by adcw54 May 31, 2005
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