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Gorgeous girl who truly is a dream girl for every guy on earth! If you meet her once you won't forget her for the rest of your life. Her flirty and spontaneous character attracts people and makes her Miss-Popular. She's charming and friendly and she always gets what she wants. Irresistible- the word that describes her best!
Berta- you know you want her!
by YouKnowThat February 21, 2012
She's outgoing and funny. People always tend to underestimate her, but that's just because she's amazing. When it comes to boys, she plays it real. No she isn't a slut, but instead is a prize. She's always there when you need her.

Her smile brightens up anyone's day. She's loud but can be quiet and shy when needed. She'd make an awesome girlfriend, but she doesn't play games. Her eyes tell the whole story.
Guy 1: Bro who's that?

Guy 2: that's berta.

Guy 3: Damn . says it all .
by therealme19 March 08, 2012
Short form of Alberta, similar to America=Merica!
Big jacked up diesels, expensive boats but no water, welcome to Berta!
by Epluribisunum August 12, 2015
A huge fat woman off of two and a half men
A woman that has lifted a oven to kill a house mouse
A Berta
by housemouse6996 January 06, 2012
The process of getting stung near your anal opening, which then causes severe swelling. Blocks your feces during a bowel movement. Sometimes requires surgery.
This berta is going to kill me!
by Austin Pealy August 07, 2006
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