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its not punching, its when you fuck someone hard in the face....with your knuckles
johnny t-bagged my roommate and then left with the pizza so when he came back looking to borrow some money, i knuckle fucked the shit out of his face
by diego delavega June 30, 2006
7 28
One who combines the attributes of a knucklehead and a fucker.
What the hell! Are you some kinda knucklefuck?
by David Nygaard January 30, 2005
36 19
A term used to describe a person who is a general dumb-ass.
"Ernest is a real knuckle fuck" or "What a fucking knuckle fuck"
by nutsmell March 23, 2005
25 12
to put it simply, fisting.
i knuckle fucked three chicks and a dude last night.
by holla at yall July 27, 2009
8 4
to punch or hit, especially in anger.
Im gonna knucklefuck you if you dont shut the hell up!
by omegavolt June 09, 2003
12 8
The act of sexy punching (fisting).
Margaret, come here. I wish to give you a knuckle-fuck
by L1feLus7 December 03, 2009
3 1