A name used at Laser 1, that TRACY is not aloud to say

Also the Person who is called Turbo Knockers is VERY sexy.

Also Some people like people (like AMANDA) put random letters in front of my name. (ex: vnockers, tnockers, pnockers.

Who ever has the name Knockers is usually the BEST employe at Laser 1.

O yea it is also used in Air Hockey, and yes Turbo Knockers is the best at air hockey as well.

Turbo knockers has the best allies at Laser 1 EVER.

Turbo Knockers ROCKZ

Lauren shortened it to just KNOCKS

Everyone loves Line dancing with people named TURBO KNOCKERS.

1) KNOCKERS I need you to say "the snack bar now has FRESH HOT Delicious pretzels for sale".

2) KNOCKERS you are the best line dancer!!!

3) Jordo <3 <3 <3 <3 hand Santizer.

4) Everyone must Love Turbo KNOCKERSSS!!
by Turbo Knockers March 08, 2008
Top Definition
See tits, hooters, bazookas, bazongas... same thing.
Knockers have to be kinda big to deserve being called that.
Lil titties are better addressed as mosquito bites or zits
Like electric toy trains, knockers were originally designed for kids, but are mostly enjoyed by grownups.
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
breasts, usually female and large.
Damn, that bitch got some big ol' knockers.
by Sootylicious January 18, 2003
Breasts--large in size.
Delightful things for men to grab/suck/play with.
Damn! That fucking bitch has huge fucking knockers. I wanna tittie-fuck her!
by Mr.Bigstuff July 09, 2006
yet another definition for boobs or titties
Damn, that bitch has got some nice knockers
by Amanda February 02, 2003
A breast.
That's one nice knocker.
by Jack November 22, 2003
A British euphemism for large breasts.
Blimey, look at her knockers!
by One Rusty Bucket May 24, 2013
a single breast
ya mum has a knocker
by no body's body November 24, 2003
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