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a disabilitating disease inflicted upon a mans purple headed warrior, often carried by ugly fat tarts, and transmitted during sexual acts.

Warning alcohol can make tarts look attractive.
Your in the jungle, a trooper is down, gangrenes setting in, "Who's used all the penicillin?" "Oh mark pattson sir, he's got knob rot of some tart"
by Vex August 29, 2003
102 29
Fungal infection of ones penis.
Pete was nullified because he got the Knobrot.
by CabbageClock August 24, 2003
17 2
The disease responsible for any man needing to become circumcised in adulthood instead of as a baby. Other medical reasons will be cited, but those are obviously all lies employed to cover the embarrassing truth.

Knob rot can be avoided by careful daily cleansing and keeping things safe during sex.
First guy: I was circumcised at 22 because my foreskin wouldn't retract properly.
Second guy: A likely story. Admit it - you had knob rot!
Third guy: Three words, dude - soap. And. Water. Keep it clean next time!
by Jennan_the_Mad February 08, 2008
23 17
1.The stuff you get when you don't wash your dick...usually characterised by some bad fish stank and cheese/gangrene discolouration...
2.yeh, you can called people it too
1.as in "you are a knobrot" rather than "you are knobrot"
2.Get that funky ass knobrot out of my onion soup you damn fucktard...
by Smigger September 09, 2005
3 2
A disease men catch when they cheat on their girlfriend/wife. Will end in the knob falling off.

“Hey wow look at him”
“nah id keep away hes suffering from a bad case of knob rot”

by Kristie_and_Natty August 31, 2006
21 27
wen sum1 is a nob rot, they usually hav a rotten nob, and its an offensive word
oi u, u nob rot, gimme a fag u dirty litle ratboy
by dan January 10, 2004
13 73