A derogatory job for someone who is much displeasing to the people around him, unlike a normal "knobjob" which is very pleasing, even to crowds of people, which is then referred to as "bukkake".
I can't believe Jerry punched that toddler, what a real knobjob. Great left hook though.
by Juwanna Mann September 06, 2006
Top Definition
a.) Oral sex performed on a man in which the performer centers their attention just to the head of the penis. Also referred to as " polishing a door knob".
b.) Common practice of a female lowering her vagina over an automobile's gear shift knob, usually done after coming home without getting laid or having a fetish for auto-erotica.
c.) The twisting of the hand around the male penis, especially over the head, as if turning a door knob, during the performance of oral sex or masturbation.
Judy told Cindy that she had to knob job her gear shift last night because she was so horny.

Barbara told her date that if he didn't fuck her she would ride the gear shift(knob job).

Sharon can't suck cock worth a shit; she a knob jobber.

Linda jacked me off so hard last night, I thought she would tear my knob off.
by Renown February 22, 2008
Another name for a handjob. Also can be referred to as a KJ.
We went into the hotdog stand and she gave me a knobjob.
by Frank Jaeger December 18, 2003
He went in the back for a knob job.
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
A total pain in the ass. One whose attitudes and behaviors are negatively affecting a situation.
I can't stand hanging out with Peter today. That guy is being a real knob job.
by tecate March 06, 2006
A sexual act between two consenting homosexuals. One man places his erect penis out and places the palm of his hand on top of the penis. Another man places his erect penis below the other man's penis with the palm of his hand underneath his own penis - both men applying pressure against the two penises. The two men then grind backwards and forwards until both ejaculate.
Hey Mark, my ass is feeling a bit sore tonight, fancy a knobjob instead?
by SaneMan August 22, 2010
A blow job Hog Smoking
Many bitches enjoy giving a knob job, while all guys enjoy receiving a knob job!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 10, 2007
Type of haircut that looks like the end of a penis
'Hey Steve that dude has a mean knobjob'
by Smillie June 10, 2006
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