the thing you wear under your pants/skirt, not to be confused with "panties" which is a retarded american word that we have no use for. See also: underwear
Gotta get some new knick knacks, my old ones have mysteriously disappeared
by Immi_callmepnk August 25, 2007
Top Definition
Any piece of shit (PoS) you can buy from tourist traps from around the world. Made cheap, and sold to idiots who love them way too much.
I got some lovely knick knacks from this terrific *antique* store in Maine.
by M2. October 01, 2003
a random item, usually small, that people don't need
My aunt gave me this useless knickknack for my birthday. I think I'm going to sell it.
by Elvin the Elf June 18, 2011
A selection of snacks and finger-foods, usually ready to eat, not requiring any preparation.
You wanna eat something? I have knick knacks...
by SoulLimbo June 28, 2011
a short by Pixar shown at the beginning of Finding Nemo which includes a bunch of souvenirs; mainly surrounds around a snowman in a snowglobe trying to meet the Sunny Miami girl, who waves at him; his snowglobe only keeps himself from meeting her, so he tries to find a way out.

The excellent music done in the background was by Bobby McFerrin, the artist of the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
I watched Knick-Knack before finding Nemo came on.
by Gwen Stefani Grrl November 27, 2003
A piece of jewelry, bauble or trinket.
Look at that knick knack that girl is wearing around her neck!
by Plummkin October 10, 2015
Spontaneously jizz in your pants
After having not masturbated in two days, I knick knacked in my pants during geography class.
by Brownbottom Cupcake May 04, 2009
the act of sex also known as "FUCKING" to the point of orgasm usually concisting of several positions , and or one or more breaks to smoke and the go again until the point of exhaustion
hey maya did u "knick knack" with justin yet?
maya: no no i didnt take my pill yet but as soon as i do i bet the knick knack will be amazing .
by JustinMayaLu January 28, 2009
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