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quick sex done in an alley behind a bar. see the book anglea's ashes for reference. first chapter
by Michelle August 21, 2003
Copulation while standing up.
We had a knee trembler behind the garage.
by Donald July 07, 2003
A fast and furious act of sex in an alley way close to a nighclub or bar. Normally unfulfilled due to coitus interuptus from other couples attempting a knee trembler or a sudden onset of brewers droop or being moved on by the Police.
We had a quick knee trembler but the coppers chased us of before I copped off.
by yobeens September 17, 2004
Sexual act with one or both partners standing
The two lovers stood in the stairwell and had a quick knee-trembler
a good wank or blow job
she was a real knee trembler
by xxx April 23, 2003
orgasm - can be a reference to wanking, or from sex with more than one person
They nipped behind the shed for a quick knee tremnbler before finishing the rest of the cigarettes
by Kofi Annan May 04, 2005