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A fancy way to say "pulling out"
"We dont want a baby, so i had to bust a coitus interuptus."
by D and A June 06, 2005
Noun; name: A person who is renouned for consistantly cock blocking. The proper way of calling someone a cock blocker.
Well, Suzie and I were hitting it off nicely until coitus interuptus walked in and wouldn't go away!
by Houston JC July 08, 2009
When something like a fart or an awkward action of some sort interupts a couples intercourse making the male's genitalia go limp, thus ending the sexual act.
Jimmy: Ugh, something stinks!
Jaunita: Oh, sorry.
Jimmy: Damnit this shitty situation is coitus interuptus.
by Jivesy McGee December 13, 2010
When in one session of sexual pleasures, you recieve a hand job, blow job, sex, anal sex and finish up with a tit wank. And only cum once at the end during the tit wank.
Damn dude i had a great coitus interuptus, i kept going for soo long
by craig March 11, 2003
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