in shit Means your ass is in trouble or bull shit. Knee deep in bull shit.
That Larry Dell sure does fill the room up knee deep when he starts spewing his Bullshit.
by bobbyu rosde November 01, 2003
The definition of knee deep is simply deep in a situation. Yet, it's often used with negativity.. Such as.. I am knee deep in my own bile.

Sally: Man, I flunked my exam again.
Bob: When your mom finds out you're going to be knee deep in trouble.
by YearRoundPMSGirl October 31, 2003
A certain male or female individual who is very popular with the opposite sex and could have anyone he wanted.
Guy 1: Wow steve's got so many girls wanting him!
Guy 2: He is just so knee Deep right now.
by Toby Dye January 09, 2012
There's no second thoughts, no turning back, your already there, knee deep.

knee deep in hell
by Matt McGreggor November 03, 2003
excess of, over-whelmed, loaded up.
I am knee deep in turkey after the Thanksgiving diner!

I am knee deep with work this week.
by Chad Deese November 03, 2003
(sp. also knee-deep)
- to stand up to one's knees in sth.
- depth ofabout 2-3 feet / half a meter
He drowned because he thought the water was just knee deep.

He won't make it, he's already knee deep in the quicksand.
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
if ur knee deep in something, ur far in it, or deep into something
man, im knee deep in this drug deal, im gonna get busted
by coopsta October 31, 2003

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