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A word used to show EXTREME STUPIDITY...
Little Boy:*shoves a batter up his ass.*
Little Boys Sister: You're a fucking RETARD!!!!
by YearRoundPMSGirl November 28, 2003
The definition of knee deep is simply deep in a situation. Yet, it's often used with negativity.. Such as.. I am knee deep in my own bile.

Sally: Man, I flunked my exam again.
Bob: When your mom finds out you're going to be knee deep in trouble.
by YearRoundPMSGirl October 31, 2003
A very sweet man, who is devilish tendencies. His hobbies are having sex, getting high, and getting drunk.
Fuck me harder, DOGSNOT!
by YearRoundPMSGirl November 28, 2003
I don't know what the hell this means... but I do know, that it sounds rather disgusting!!!
Turd-Slurpe... what the....*puke*
by YearRoundPMSGirl November 24, 2003
In "black" terminology, off the hook simply means great/outrageous.
Yo, that movie was OFF THE HOOK!!!
Man, that kiss was off the hook!!
My sex is going to be off the hook boy!!
by YearRoundPMSGirl October 31, 2003
This is an American holiday, where kids get to take off from school, and adults get to take off from work so they can sit on their fat ass', and eat. Yet, they disguise their lazyness by saying they are taking off, to give thanks for what they have. They also watch football on this day.
Little Lazy Boy sitting on a couch with turkey in his mouth.. "I'm so thankful for Thanksgiving!"
by YearRoundPMSGirl November 26, 2003

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