(v.) To Klink someone is to hit someone over the head with a German World War 2 entrenching tool in a comical manner.
omfg i klinked j00! haHaHAhAha
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
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jail. derived from the sound cell doors use to make.
i got drunk and pissed all over the sidewalk and a cop arrested me and threw me in the klink
by swedgin September 11, 2009
A pompous over confident infallible person.
Jennifer: "I don't understand, I thought you said the color of the grass was blue, I'm looking at it now and it's definitely green..."

Dan: "You clearly did not understand as you lack intelligence, by blue I meant Green..."

Jennifer (under breath): "Gosh, he's such a Klink...."
by Miserable_oh so January 11, 2010
A derogatory term for Klingons.

The word would be used in much the same fassion as Paki or Chink (Racist names for Pakistani and Chinese people)
I hate those nasty klinks, they keep beating up my buddy
by Zebramanii February 07, 2011
The symptoms associated with withdrawal from opiates
"The opiates had begun to dissipate from my body, and the klinks were starting to kick in."
by slow rider January 30, 2015
1. Immediately passing out after partaking in any type of mind altering activity, eg. smoking weed, drinking, popping pills, etc.
2. Generally bitching out while everyone else continues to party.
We got so high last night and watched Katt Williams, except for Clayton... he Klinked out on us.
by M4V3R!CK September 09, 2010
(Noun) - A faggot, or homosexual individual who targets older men
That kid is such a klink
by Christian Ferry February 04, 2010
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