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jail. derived from the sound cell doors use to make.
i got drunk and pissed all over the sidewalk and a cop arrested me and threw me in the klink
by swedgin September 11, 2009
these are lesbians a.k.a "butch" that have short hair and are very manly. they are usually large and scary but can also be smaller in stature. some even have mullets and wear their ovaries on the outside in place of testicles.

variations such as bull dyke.
in comes john all beat up.
jeff: holy shit john what happened to you?

john: i saw this manly lesbian and called her a deisel dyke. then she proceeded to beat 7 shades of shit out of me.
by swedgin September 11, 2009
simply a penis.
john: hey man check out veronica she is smoking hot!

jeff: yea i know i wanna show her my one eyed McDoogan.
by swedgin September 10, 2009
1.having gonorrhea, herpes, and syphilis all at once.

2.term used to jokingly tell someone they will catch an std from someone.
well damn the clinic told me i have gonoherpisyphilis.

Dood you better not sleep with her you'll get gonoherpisyphilis
by swedgin September 11, 2009
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