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A real manly man that enjoys packin fat lips and chews. Likes to fight however throws only punches not kicks. Often very emotional and in tune with feelings. The females cannot resist him.. he is a babe magnet
Yo dude i threw in a chaw wit my Kle yesterday
by toottifrootti April 06, 2010
9 3
a guy that is white washed but won't admit it because he's gay. He is not number one.
You are such a K.le.
by monkeyxo5 April 17, 2005
4 14
one of the few words that u can randomly blurt out, and no one will care. the meaning of this word i what ever u want it 2 be. some meanings are Hi, goodbye, yup yup yup, or a word whenever ur speechless. some other words include ino, umpk, georgetown, U.S.A., and talo
him: do u like pineapples?
her: kle
by cassidy March 27, 2004
6 17