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White rapper who's flows sound similar to Wu Tang.
"No harmony in song, you only spit chords. A dragon spits fire, and I spit swords." -Lil' J

"If you catch me in the street you'll find yourself in defeat your eyes weeping. Fake niggas on the track sleeping. I'm the Glock 9 Popper the heart beat stopper. The 8-0-8 beat bass on your face knocker." -Lil' J
#lil j #little j #lil jay #lil' jay #little jay
by Kle-Pac May 04, 2009
White rapper from T-Town who's flows are similar to the Wu Tang. Also known as Lil' J.
I blow out brain with my flows so insane. Blood passin' to the floor through your skin membrane. I walk up out the prison 'cause they have no evidence. You're worthless, like a dime to eleven cents. -Kle-Pac
#lil' j #klepac #kle-pac #clepac #cle-pac
by Kle-Pac May 05, 2009
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