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¤»¤»¤» (kkkk) is Hangul (the Korean alphabet) for hehehe or just giggling in general.

Cyworld, the Korean Myspace, is full of this word on every page. It is also used in instant messaging, similar to the use of LOL for English conversation. It is also common to see ¤»¤»¤»zz (since the ¤» key is on the 'z' key.)
Korean1: Did you go to supermarket today and buy kimchi?
Korean2: They have no kimchi. I make some. ¤»¤»¤»ㅋ (kkkk)
Korean1: ³ªÇѵ¥ ±èÄ¡ Áà! (Give me some kimchi!)
by T-Dizzle07 September 28, 2006
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Ku Klux Klan is Krap
"I'm a member of the KKK........K"
by Luigifan12 December 25, 2004
ku klux klan killer
a kkkk is a person who kills dudes in the kkk!!!!
by down28 July 04, 2009
ku klux klan killa
i hate the klansman; i hate whites; ima kkkk 4 life
by Loccdogg213 September 24, 2010

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