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a quaint little forum of five year olds who think they're graduate students.
Nicademus? oh please
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
n. an authoritarian forum / political prizon camp for the mentally challenged
adj. having characteristics in common with the forum or individual posters at kjs
v. 1. to frequent kjs or frequently post in a kjs manner 2. to go to kjs (presumably never to return)
Sh*t im banned from kjs.
He is so kjs.
by Sho Kosugi March 18, 2003
1) The 'special school' of the internet. A forum populated by wannabes, sycophants, and no-nothings, who are ruled with an iron fist by the arbitrary and authoritarion admins.

2) short phrase indicating that a person belongs in kjs
1) go back to kjs faggot
2) kjs.
by Nic March 19, 2003
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