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1. a pink, ballooned shaped video game character who features the ability to suck up enemies. Kirby is owned by Nintendo and has been in more than 15 video games (even more if you count his Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee appearances).

2. because of a similar color, the name kirby is used to describe a women's clitoris.

3. (less commonly used) a Kirby is the name for a massage that ends with a happy ending.
1. Tom: Did you buy the new kirby game?
Steve: Those games are for kids, besides all Kirby does is suck (laughs).

2. Mike: So what happened after the party with you and Cindy?
John: Let's just say I got close but I never saw a "Kirby".

3. Jim: After the massage, I slipped her $1000 dollars in chinese money, and she gave me hand.
Sam: Damn I wish I had gotten a "Kirby".
by griffon_47 November 01, 2005
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